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Where Can I Have My Windshield Fixed In Portland, Maine? 

With rugged road conditions along I-95 in Portland, it isn’t too surprising when a truck kicks up debris into your windshield and suddenly creates a few chips. In fact, most auto glass damage is unexpected yet quite common. When you end up with a chip or crack in your auto glass, calling 1-800-Windshield will connect you to a top-rated windshield expert in Portland who will have your car safely back on the road in very little time. 

Damaged windshields pose serious safety issues

Tourists and residents flock to the historic Old Port along Portland Harbor and the Arts District along Congress Street to take in the sites. When traffic is heavy and pedestrians are on the roads, it's unwise to jeopardize everyone’s safety by driving with a damaged windshield. It is even more alarming when you consider that nearly all of your driving decisions and reactions are based solely on seeing out your windshield. In addition to being unsafe, it is also illegal and could yield you a ticket.

  • Cracked windshields are more than a headache, they are illegal. You could receive a traffic citation for having a damaged windshield. Consider that most insurance companies cover auto glass repairs and replacements with little to no deductibles.
  • Your windshield supports your roof. Your windshield is composed of two pieces of glass that have a plastic layer sandwiched in the middle. When placed into its frame, the windshield is welded to the car’s body and this strengthens the frame. If the glass is damaged, it weakens the car's design integrity and compromises the entire safety system. In a collision, the seatbelts and air bags may not function properly and the roof could collapse.

Find the top-rated auto glass repair service in Portland by calling 1-800-Windshield 

Portland is a city with character, historical purpose, and the quaint feel of a charmed life. You can’t help but admire the city as you stroll along the Center of Old Port among all of the historical buildings, watch the sunsets at Eastern Promenade Park overlooking Casco Bay, or shop at the Farmer’s Market in Monument Square. Truth is, there are about a million other things you’d rather do then waste time waiting for a windshield repair. That’s why we make it a point to stand by expedient and exceptional customer service. We start by: 

  • Having a no hassle environment. There is no need to bully you into a sale. We want to help you make educated decisions about replacing or repairing your windshield. We will give you the best options and provide you with a written, no obligation, estimate prior to beginning any work.
  • Respecting your time. We realize you have a busy life and things like repairs shouldn't create huge disruptions.  We will always work hard to get your repairs done quickly and correctly.  
  • We come to you. When you have a severely damaged windshield, it isn’t safe to drive. We can offer mobile response in many instances. Our team can respond to your home or office anywhere in Portland.

How can 1-800-Windshield help you with your auto glass? 

You want to look out your windshield and see the skyline along Back Cove not a giant crack in your windshield. There are a hundreds of ways your windshield glass can incur damage. It could have been an animal, vandalism, or a rock. Truthfully, it doesn’t matter how it began. What is important is that you find a reliable auto glass expert who can help you resolve your specific problem. With us, you can count on a team that has years of experience and training in the field. You will feel confident of the quality of service and can trust that our technicians are equipped to deal with one-of-a-kind damages as well as common problems like these:

  • Lines: The surface of your windshield can take a beating from faulty wiper blades. If left worn and unattended, they can create streaks, scratches, and faint lines and sooner or later this will weaken the integrity of your windshield.
  • Fractures:  When anything impacts your windshield at a high speed, it can create a fracture, pit, or chip in the glass. Even if the damage looks minor, it needs to be addressed quickly before it spreads into a large crack. These smaller problems can usually be repaired in less than thirty minutes. 
  • Cracks: What starts off as a basic crack can quickly escalate into a spider web of fractures and cracks obstructing your view. These typically cannot be repaired and require full replacement. 

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