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1-800-WINDSHIELD serves Suffolk County, Massachusetts

Serving Suffolk County
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Boston Residents, Do You Need to Replace or Repair Your Auto Glass?

Whether your windshield is chipped, cracked, smashed, pinged, dinged, scratched, leaking or totally destroyed, we have the solution at 1-800-Windshield. Whether your windshield has a ding from flying gravel, or is now cracked from one side to the other, give us a call. We are local and specialize in auto glass repair and replacement. We have the skill and expertise to solve any windshield problem. From sealing a leak to full windshield replacement, we can perform the job to your full satisfaction.

1-800-Winshield offers

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed -Even though we have a very high satisfaction rate, anytime that you are not satisfied with results of our work, simply contact us. We will make things right!
  • Mobile Service - We will come to any location in Suffolk County, from West Roxbury to Revere to complete the job right where your car is located, whether at home, at the office or at your job.
  • Convenience - We have conveniently located stores in Boston and throughout Suffolk County. We are an easy drive from every corner of the county!
  • The Right Price - We will present you with the price before we begin work. You will know what the charge will be. There will be no hidden surprises at the end. 
  • Insurance claims - With our state-of-the-art computer technology, we can process your insurance claim for you. We will need some basic information and then we will save you from having to deal with the insurance company.

We are offer outstanding auto glass repair service to the Boston area

1-800-Windshield is the preferred windshield repair and replacement company for many insurance companies. Insurance companies know that we follow the letter of the law, and with your approval, we save both you and insurance companies money. 

Massachusetts law says that if a crack in a windshield is less than six inches, and outside of the critical viewing area (the area that is covered by the sweep of your windshield wipers), the windshield can be repaired rather than be replaced. By making decisions based on this law, rather than simply replacing the entire windshield, causing higher insurance premiums for you, we will repair your windshield, saving you both time and money.

Avoid a ticket and be safe

  • The law does not excuse you from getting your windshield repaired, even if it is only a chip or a ding. Law enforcement officers know the importance of an uncompromised windshield to the safety of the driver, the passengers, and other people outside of your vehicle. 
  • A small ding in the windshield can expand suddenly with any small vibration, like hitting a pothole, with any small impact, or with a piece of ice flying off a passing car and hitting your windshield. This small ding, turning suddenly into a crack, can impede your vision at a critical moment, placing yourself and others at risk. 
  • A cracked windshield could interfere with the proper deployment of airbags, especially those side airbags designed to save you from being hurt in a side impact. Windshields are designed to be very strong and to help support the integrity of your vehicle’s roof in a collision. Just a small crack or bullseye could be enough to diminish the safety net that your windshield provides.  
  • Be safe, protect your family and others from possible injury, and call 1-800-Windshield today to take care of all of your windshield issues. Our busy roadways, our winter storms and our heavy summer rains give you enough concern as you drive. Do not let that cracked windshield add to your problems. 

1-800-Windshield is the Boston area’s leading windshield and repair company. Trust us with your prized possession, whether it is an antique Ford or a brand new Chevy Volt, just off the assembly line. Trust us with the safety of your family and your friends. Trust us with the safety of those thousands of people that you are on the roadways with each and every day.

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South Boston

West Roxbury

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