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Need To Locate An Auto Glass Repair Shop In New Bedford, Massachusetts? 

The complicated process of locating a windshield repair shop that is both fast and effective can be overwhelming at first. 1-800-Windshield cuts straight to the heart of the issue and connects customers directly with a reliable and highly-rated auto glass shop in New Bedford.  If a damaged  windshield is something that you are contending with, don't' guess on what professional repairs are needed.  There are varying levels of damage that need to be inspected and considered before repairs can be done. This is one of the primary reasons why 1-800-Windshield should be your go-to source for auto glass repair. In New Bedford,  you will be connected to a local affiliate of our national network who will provide a free assessment and estimate on repairs.   Consider the rest of these facts before making a decision:

  • The windshield is an integral part of any safety system on a vehicle. Keeping it in excellent condition lowers the risk of injury during any accident.
  • A free quote means that if damage to the windshield is even suspected, it can be analyzed by a professional without you having to make a cost commitment. 
  • Auto glass can be repaired or replaced very quickly. Don't let time constraints stop you from seeking repairs.

Why does a windshield behave so differently from normal glass?

A windshield is actually two layers of glass with a central layer of poly-vinyl plastic in between them. This plastic provides a strong yet bendable material that the glass is bound to which prevents the glass from ejecting into the cabin during an impact situation. The rigid, translucent structure is also resistant to weathering effects and exterior elements. Auto glass also provides other benefits that can often be overlooked:

  • Auto glass absorbs up to 97% of the ultraviolet light that hits it. The internal temperature of the vehicle is moderated much more easily because of this.
  • Auto glass is also extremely effective at absorbing much of the high frequency sound experienced while driving. This means the driver can focus much easier on the task of driving safely.

What types of damage indicate that I need to repair or replace a windshield?

If a windshield looks damaged, it probably is and should be looked at by a professional. An expert can determine how much damage there is and whether or not the windshield should be replaced or repaired. Look for these specific types of damage when inspecting a windshield:

  • Cracks can sometimes form near impact points or windshield edges. These need to be treated seriously and inspected by an expert. Cracks can often expand overnight and significantly weaken the overall structure of the windshield.
  • Chipped auto glass can occur after a light impact and sometimes is a warning of a weakened section of the windshield. Chips can lead to cracks and eventually complete breaks. If a chipped section of the window is located, bring it to the attention of a repair technician immediately.
  • Scratches on the windshield are the least serious of damage issues, but can still lead to cracks and chipped sections. Scratches are an excellent example of problems that may seem insignificant at first but can grow to be serious issues.

What does 1-800-Windshield do to make the customer's experience better?

When searching for an auto glass repair shop without any previous experience in doing so, the process can feel overwhelming and intimidating. 1-800-Windshield connects the customer directly to a local business that is staffed by experts who have met our national criteria for excellence. There are noteworthy advantages to utilizing small businesses through the 1-800-Windshield referral network. 

  • The businesses that are affiliated with the 1-800-Windshield network all have excellent customer service standards. The national standards of 1-800-Windshield only allow the most competent auto glass shops in the nation to be part of the network.
  • Local auto glass shops know what the weather in New Bedford is like and are often prepared to quickly fix common issues. They better understand what risks drivers go through every day in their area.
  • Direct communication with the auto glass technician is a benefit that any customer can respect. Local rapport creates a situation where both parties profit.

If you need a windshield repaired anywhere in Bristol county, dial 1-800-Windshield or fill out the form on this website to be connected.  A customer service representative will gather your information and assist you with the process of getting your windshield repaired quickly.

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