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Superior Windshield Repair In Jackson, Mississippi

Living in Jackson, we are prone to plenty of construction trucks along the roadways. If you drove behind a truck and tiny pieces of gravel flew back and cracked your windshield, then call 1-800-Windshield to help you fix the damage fast. Windshield damage is part and parcel of vehicle ownership.  Damage can happen under hundreds of circumstances from a baseball being thrown in the wrong direction to loose stones flying off a landscape truck. Many of us will need to repair our auto glass at some point.  When it happens, remember 1-800-Windshield in Jackson. We connect you to superior windshield repair in your local area that will review damage and give you the most cost-effective resolution. 

Auto glass damage won't resolve itself...never ignore it

Though there are literally hundreds of ways windshields can be damaged, the most common is through some sort of road impact. Regardless of how your vehicle gets damaged, chips, cracks, dings and shatters need to be repaired immediately.  

Failure to fix damaged auto glass can result in even greater damage that result in very costly repairs, reduced visibility, and even cititaions.  And, your safety could be at risk because the windshield does much more than protect us from insects.  It literally functions as a shield and last line of defense between you and the outside environment and it provides vital support to your car's structure. A compromised windshield could result in the malfunction of the car's safety system, including the seatbelts and airbags, during a collision. 

Standards and service that keep customers completely satisfied

Count on our well-versed technicians to carefully and correctly assess the damage then give you the best solution. They understand all the repercussions of where the chip, crack, hole, or pit is located. Then, they follow through with a thorough repair process to assure your safety. Everything from prepping the windshield and the vehicle body to the use of proper tools and materials guarantess service quality that consistently results in customer satisfaction. 

  • Our highly-selective organizatio only chooses 5% of all the auto glass services nationwide. They are selected because of their successful business practices and superior qualifications. 
  • Employees are professionally trained and qualified to diagnose and deal with any type of auto glass issue.
  • Many of our technicians provide mobile convenience and will make repairs right at your home or place of business. 
  • OEM (Original Equipment Provider) is used in replacements. Repairs meet Federal Vehicle Safety Standards.

Consider this about your auto glass and damage

  • Sometimes even minute damage will turn into a huge crack that spans the entire windshield in a short time. This is typically caused by drastic temperature change or excessive vibration while driving. 
  • Damage in the middle of the windshield has a more viable chance of being repaired with adhesives whereas damage on the perimeter of the windshield more often needs replacement.
  • Small damages can be fixed in an average of 30 minutes. 
  • Damage in the center of the windshield disrupts line of sight and ability to see the road, other vehicles and pedestrians and can be a huge safety risk.
  • Repairing auto glass is more affordable than ever with the new technologies. If the car has a warranty, comprehensive insurance will cover the full cost of the windshield repair with no out of pocket expense. 
  • Corrosion around the frame of the auto glass should be inspected to prevent further damage.
  • Cracks appearing around the edge of the windshield may be due to weak spots caused during manufacturing. These areas pose risks and lessen the structural integrity of the windshield. 

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