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For Your Auto Glass Repairs in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Dial 1-800-Windshield!

The busy roadways in and through Albuquerque provide countless possibilities for our auto glass to be damaged. Chips, cracks, and other damage to your vehicle’s auto glass need to be repaired or replaced as soon as the damage occurs and 1-800-Windshield can take care of all these needs.  We will help you keep your vehicle in a safe, operating condition by providing an immediate response to all of your auto glass needs, whether it is a simple repair or a full windshield replacement.

Whether you are driving into the Sandia Hills, or driving along the Rio Grande, or driving near Albuquerque’s Central Plaza, having safe and uncompromised auto glass is very important for you and your family. At 1-800-Windshield safety is our main concern. If any of your auto glass has any kind of damage, we encourage you to visit one of our Albuquerque convenient locations for a free inspection of your vehicle. We will assess any damage that we find, and give you our recommendations as to what your next steps should be.     

Why should auto glass damage be a concern?

Because the safety and well-being of your family is always one of your primary goals, you need to be concerned about the safety that your vehicle’s window components offer to you and your family.

  • Structural Strength – Your vehicle is designed to offer as much protection as possible in the event of an accident. The auto glass in the vehicle is part of that structural design. When the glass is damaged in some way, whether it is the windshield, the rear window, or the side windows, structural strength is taken away from the vehicle. In the event of a collision, the damaged windows could fail completely, allowing your family to be put at great risk.
  • Unimpaired View – Being able to see your entire surroundings clearly is important to safe driving. Windows, especially windshields, that have cracks radiating through them, do allow for whoever is driving to have unimpaired views. Losing sight of a biker, not be able to see oncoming traffic clearly, or not being able to see clearly in all directions at an intersection could all cause serious problems for you and your passengers.
  • Properly Operating Safety Devises – Uncompromised windshields are key to having all airbags function properly. Without your vehicle’s airbags deploying properly, you are putting your family at risk.

How can 1-800-Windshield help?

  • Proper Repairs – Our service technicians are trained to spot any auto glass damage that might affect your family’s safety. When you bring your vehicle to us, we will inspect all areas of your vehicle’s auto glass. If we see a problem, we will present you with a plan of action, and a quote for the cost of the repair. With your approval, our trained and experienced technicians will repair the problem, and your car will once again be safe for you and your family.
  • Right Price – At 1-800-Windshield we strive to provide you with the lowest price possible to make your needed repairs. We will work with your insurance company to lower your out-of-pocket expense whenever we can. 
  • Great Service – We will provide great service from start to finish. With your first contact with our service representatives, you will be pleased with the professional and concerned approach that we take with all auto glass situations, no matter how minor, or how shattering they are. We will be timely with our repairs and take no more of your time than is necessary.
  • Convenience – Our locations are easy to find. If you are located in an area where our mobile repair unit services, we will be able to come to your home or office to make the needed repairs. If that is not possible, and your vehicle is unsafe to drive, we will make arrangements for your car to be brought to us.

The auto glass in your car needs to be repaired, so contact us.

  • Email us – Fill out the easy form on this webpage and email your information to us.   One of our Albuquerque service representatives will be in touch with you.
  • Call us – For an immediate start to getting your auto glass damage repaired, dial 1-800-Windshield. Within moments you will have an appointment set, and your auto glass will be on its way to being repaired!

All of Bernalillo County is serviced by our Albuquerque affiliate, including:


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Sandia Park

Paradise Hills

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