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Do You Have Windshield Damage In Huntsville, Alabama?

If you are in need of windshield repair or replacement in Huntsville, 1-800-Windshield is the number you need to call.  We are a nationwide network of windshield repair experts with locally operated auto glass facilities.  Regardless of the damage type and size, our trained and experienced technicians deliver exceptional repair service at competitive prices. We guarantee it!

Windshield damage is obviously a major annoyance to any driver contending with it, and it is also potentially dangerous.  Damaged glass is more difficult to see through and is not structurally in tact.  This makes it more likely that drivers will be involved in a potentially serious accident.  Chipped glass can also shatter when struck by airborne debris causing injury.  Rainwater can enter through damaged glass and break down interior components as well as short out electronics.  Even seemingly minor damage, such as a chip, can transform into something severe as time progresses.  If you have a damaged windshield, don’t wait to repair it.   Find out how 1-800-Windshield can assist you today.  

What can 1-800-Windshield do for my damages?

We offer the complete range of auto glass services, including:

  • Damage Evaluation. Every instance of windshield damage is unique in some way and requires a solution tailor-made for the problem.  Our members have years of experience working with all forms of windshield damage. They have the expertise to diagnose any problem and determine the best possible solution.  When choosing a repair method, we strive to find the perfect balance between safety, customer satisfaction, and cost.
  • Estimates. Because the cost of materials and labor varies tremendously depending on what repairs need to be done, the overall cost of replacing a broken windshield varies tremendously as well.  Although there is no way to be exactly sure how much a repair will cost until a full assessment  is completed, our technicians ensure that their estimates are as accurate as possible.  
  • Auto Glass Repair. Whenever possible, 1-800-Windshield members try to salvage an existing windshield by repairing it.  Repair is almost always considerably less expensive and takes less time to complete than replacing the windshield.  Although there are a few different repair options, most involve the application of chemical adhesives.  These scientifically-designed compounds enter the damaged region and bind the glass together. Once bonded, the glass is much less likely to continue to fracture, preventing the damage from spreading.  
  • Total Windshield Replacement. Although generally preferable, adhesives do have substantial limitations.  Adhesives cannot handle severe damage, such as large or extensive cracks.  And, they generally do not restore the original clarity of the windshield, leaving the auto glass more difficult to see through.  This means that damage located directly in the driver’s line of sight may not be able to be fixed safely.  When circumstances render repair impossible, total windshield replacement is the only option.  All existing auto glass must be removed, and a new windshield installed.

How much will it cost to repair or replace my auto glass? 

That question is impossible to answer without inspecting your vehicle first.  A number of factors determine the cost of repairs, many of which are constantly in a state of flux.  There are some general guidelines that can be used, however.

  • Cost of Repair with Adhesives. Adhesive repair is such a popular choice because it is quite cost-effective.  Minor damage can even be fixed for as little as $30, while even the most intensive repairs usually cost less than $200.
  • Cost of Total Windshield Replacement. The cost of windshield replacement is more variable than the cost of repair, because it is dependent on more factors such as the availability of replacement parts, make and model of the vehicle, and the number of man hours necessary for completion.  Some common and easy to work with vehicles can have a windshield replaced for less than $250, while rarer and more difficult to work with vehicles may run $1,500 or more.

How can I get an appointment to have my auto glass assessed?

That’s simple.  Pick up your phone and dial 1-800-Windshield.  Our polite and engaging staff of customer service representatives will take your call and find out about your individual circumstances and needs.   We also offer the option of contacting us via the internet.  Go to the form on this webpage,  complete it and send it in.  Our representatives will review the information you provide and respond to you shortly

We provide service in Huntsville and these areas in Madison County: 


Hazell Green




Moores Mill

New Hope

New Market

Owens Cross Roads

Redstone Arsenal



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