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Need Windshield Repair In Mobile, Alabama?

Whether it's caused by a passing gravel truck or a stray golf ball at the local country club, windshield damage is common in Mobile.  Though it's common, drivers should quickly have the damaged repaired because it puts them, their passengers and everyone else on the road in danger of serious injury and major financial loss.  There's no need to wait on repairs.  1-800-Windshield can meet all of your auto glass repair and replacement issues with one call.

Living in Mobile can expose drivers to various conditions that can damage a windshield.  Pebbles hurled into the air from truck tires can hit glass with such force that it is chipped.  Deer crossing I-10 at night can go right through a windshield when accidentally hit, shattering the auto glass in the process.  Cars parked under trees can be struck by fallen branches.  No matter how your windshield was damaged, it needs to be fixed immediately.

What are the risks of auto glass damage?

A broken windshield places the driver and all occupants at high risk of a number of negative consequences, including:

  • Injury From Airborne Debris. If an object strikes with sufficient force to damage auto glass, it also has enough momentum to cause bodily injury.  Windshields protect us from such injuries.  Although an object the size of a pebble may not seem dangerous, if it hits while traveling at a high velocity, it can leave bruises, bleeding, broken bones, impaired vision, concussions, and other injuries.  
  • Damage from Natural Forces. Interior components were not meant to withstand direct exposure to the elements, and often break down when allowed to come into contact.  Heat, humidity, and rain are especially prevalent in Mobile and can wreak havoc with vehicle interiors.  Auto glass protects the expensive interior components of the car.
  • Worsening Windshield Damage. Although windshields are designed to withstand the extreme stresses that come with driving at high speeds, they often lose their ability to do so once damaged.  This means that windshield damage usually worsens over time.  Chips and scratches often become cracks.  Small cracks often become large cracks.  Large cracks often cause sizable chunks of glass to fall out, and potentially even the entire windshield.
  • Accidental Collisions. Most forms of windshield damage destroy the clarity of the glass.  This makes it harder for drivers to see what’s in front of them.  In turn, drivers who are unable to clearly see are more likely to hit something in front of them.  Automobile accidents can be extremely serious, potentially resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars in repairs and medical bills.  More importantly, they can put our health, and even our lives, at risk.

Is it costly to have windshield damages fixed? 

That depends on a number of factors, and it would be impossible to answer without first examining your vehicle.  

  • Cost of Repair. Repair is less expensive than replacement, which is why it is generally preferred.  Small chips and scratches can usually be fixed with adhesive chemicals, and some small cracks can be repaired in this manner as well.  This process normally costs anywhere from $30 to $200.  
  • Cost of Replacement. Although repair is usually the preferred option, some auto glass is beyond help.  Sometimes the damage is extensive and impossible to repair.  Sometimes damage is located in a place where even if it was repaired, it would leave the driver with a compromised view.  When repair isn’t possible for any reason, replacement is the only course of action. Replacement typically requires more labor than repair and significantly more expensive parts.  The cost entails the make, model, and year of the vehicle and the availability of replacement parts.  

What makes 1-800-Windshield a better choice? 

We are a highly selective network of independently operated windshield repair facilities located throughout the nation. Our network strives to provide superior service and competitive pricing at a friendly, local level.  With years of experience in the industry, our members will take the time to give you the advice and service that earns your trust and satisfaction. 

How do I get the process of repair started now?   

  • Via Telephone. Just pick up the phone and our toll free number. When you call, our local Mobile affiliate will answer and find out more about your personal situation and needs.  
  • Via the Internet. You will find a form right on this webpage which you can fill out and send in.  We wil review the information and return the call quickly.

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