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Driving With Windshield Damage In Montgomery, Alabama?

Chipped, cracked and scratched windshields are a common incidents and a major cause of concern for many drivers in Montgomery. Not only do they create frustration, but if they are not repaired quickly, this issues can create further financial loss, and physical injury.  If you are driving around with windshield damage, consider calling 1-800-Windshield for expert repair locally.

Windshield damage can happen any time or any place.  You could be travelling down I-65 when the tire on the vehicle in front of you spins off and bounces into your windshield, shattering the glass.  You could be stopped at a light downtown when a collision shatters the glass on your side window.  You could even be parked at your place of employment when the wind hurls a branch through the rear window.  Don't wait, it's a wise idea to have the broken auto glass repaired or replaced as quickly as possible. 

Who pick 1-800-Windshield to repair my auto glass in Mobile, Alabama?

We are a selective network of independently owned auto glass repair facilities with members nationwide, including the city of Montgomery.  Our local members meet the stringent service requirements and high performance standards of our highly-qualified network.  We provide the same quality of service throughout the United States while still letting our customers have the convenience of independent, local service.  1-800-Windshield only selects 5% of all auto glass repair organizations nationwide to become affiliates. Our members are chosen for experience and a superior track record of service. They will put their expertise to work on your vehicles, meet all of your auto glass, and stay within your budget.  

What auto glass repair services do you offer? 

Our full range of windshield repair services, including

  • Evaluation. Every case of windshield damage has its own unique set of features, many of which are barely noticeable to the untrained eye.  1-800-Windshield members have the experience and training to detect these differences, and use them to determine the best available solution to our customers.  When choosing a repair option, we have to balance factors such as safety, reliability, limitations of various repair methods, and cost.
  • Estimation. Different windshield repairs require drastically different materials and amounts of labor.  This means that their cost also differs dramatically.  We provide the most accurate estimates possible. Repair with adhesives typically costs between $30 and $200, while total auto glass replacement can begin around $200 and be more than $1,500 depending on the vehicle. 
  • Repair with Adhesive Chemicals. In many cases, a windshield can be repaired with adhesive chemicals rather than being replaced.  These chemicals are applied to the damaged region with specially designed tools.  Once applied, the adhesives hold the glass together and stop the damage from spreading.  While very effective, adhesive chemicals do have a number of limitations.  They are not capable of fixing widespread damage, nor are they capable of repairing most cracks that go all the way through the layers of safety glass.  Perhaps most importantly, they generally cannot restore the previous clarity of the intact glass. 
  • Total Auto Glass Replacement. Whenever repair is not possible, total glass replacement is the only option.    Although more expensive and time consuming to complete than repair, replacement often results in higher levels of safety and owner satisfaction.

Do I need to make repairs to my windshield?

Broken auto glass is a much greater problem than most people realize.  Windshields protect vehicles and their occupants while still allowing the driver the ability to clearly see the road ahead.  Among the potential negative impacts of broken windshields are:

  • Increased likelihood of accidental collisions as a result of impaired view of the road. These collisions can result in damage to any or all parts of a vehicle or physical injury to any or all parts of the vehicle’s occupants.  The devastation from collisions brought on by broken glass can be quite severe, potentially even resulting in the total destruction of a vehicle or even death.
  • Natural elements destroying interior components of a vehicle. Prolonged exposure to elements can result in irritation and illness to vehicle occupants, particularly when the outside environment is toxic. Natural elements can also cause significant damage to the vehicle's interior components. This is a special concern in Mobile where the rain is frequent and the heat oppressive.
  • Airborne debris entering the vehicle at high speeds. If the vehicle is traveling at sufficient speed, anything that it hits can cause damage, even very small objects.  That same pebble that left a chip in your glass could have struck you or one of your passengers in the face, or even worse the eye. 
  • Financial Loss. Many of the potential consequences of windshield damage are potentially far more costly than the costs of repair.  Vehicle damage from accidents or exposure to the elements can easily reach into the thousands, but medical expenses can run far higher, even into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

How do I reach you and get the process going?

Call us and speak to our Montgomery affiliate now.  If you would prefer to use the internet, fill out the form on the website and send it in.  Our local windshield expert will contact you quickly. 

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