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1-800-WINDSHIELD serves Apache County, Arizona
Hi-Tech Windshield & Glass Co.

Hi-Tech Windshield & Glass Co.

Serving Apache County
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Call: 1-800-WINDSHIELD, 800-946-3744

Hours of Operation:
9:00 AM to 4:00 PM Monday-Friday

Payment Methods:
Cash, Bank Card, Purchase Order.

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Replace all Auto Glasses, Home windows, Stores windows, Mirrors, etc


Call us at 928-674-3560 or 1-800-Windshield


Located in Chinle, Arizona

Hi-Tech Windshield & Glass Co.

Hi Tech Windshield has been in operation since June 1996.

We have professional technicians to address your glass needs.

Auto Glass merchants, click here for information about applying to be accepted into the 1-800-Windshield program.
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