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1-800-WINDSHIELD serves Maricopa County, Arizona

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Phoenix, Arizona Windshield Repair And Replacement

Windshield problem? That can certainly be frustrating. 1-800-Windshield in Phoenix is where to go for any auto glass repair or replacement, including side windows and review mirrors.

Enormous monsoon dust storms move through the Phoenix area and across Arizona. This causes more accidents, along with particles flying in the air that can produce cracks in your auto glass. In addition to dust storms, we can experience horrific precipitation with flooding and all kinds of unsettling weather during the summer months. Winds from these storms knock down loose branches, kick up debris, and tear down power lines. The glass on your car has to bear the burden of the elements and sometimes this results in damage.

What else causes windshield damage?

  • Road hazard impacts, sometimes from animals or debris left in the road. Gravel pieces, stones, rocks kicked up by vehicles in other lanes. 
  • Quite often cracks begin appearing a few inches from the edge of the windshield. This is created by weak spots that are made during the glass manufacturing process.

Some people will continue to ignore the serious safety issues that can occur from a cracked windshield. These dangerous issues include hampered visibility to see the road, other vehicles and pedestrians. It is vital to see every car and every person that crosses the road. Even a small fracture on the auto glass that disrupts line of sight can cause a major accident, which could have totally been avoided.

Convenience and efficiency

  • With modern adhesive technology, small cracks and chips can be fixed in approximately 30-40 minutes and repairing glass is usually cheaper than being replaced.
  • 1-800-Windshield is just a phone call away to an experienced automotive glass repair technician in your community
  • We will work with your insurance company to achieve the best pricing.
  • Repairs are done quickly using the most effective, modern solutions.

What we look for to insure windshield repair integrity  

  • Our well-trained technicians thoroughly assess all damage before recommending the best solution to fix the windshield.We have seen hundreds of auto issues and understand the implications of these damages, thus we are able to recommend the best solution.
  • It is important to understand the location of the chip, crack, hole, or pit to assess the best solution. For example, damage towards the center of the windshield actually has a better chance of repair compared to a crack on the edge of the windshield.
  • The size of the damage also determines the repair solution. If the crack length is less than a quarter it can be repaired like new. 
  • When damage is caught early, it can be fixed at a minimal cost saving the customer time and money down the road.

Here are some reasons to call 1-800-Windshield:

  • Our exclusive members are hand-picked because of their high standard of performance and customer satisfaction. 
  • Only a small percentage of all windshield services nationwide can qualify to become members.
  • We pair stringent national service standards with congenial, local service. 
  • All customers will receive a written estimate for approval before any work ensues.
  • We utilize OEM (Original Equipment Provider) if a replacement is necessary.
  • Failure to fix a damaged windshield can cause more extensive damage, costly repairs, reduced visibility, even a citation.
  • Convenient mobile service is available allowing customers to stay at home or work while the repairs are being done. 

We serve the following areas in Phoenix and Maricopa County: 





Queen Creek

Sun Lakes


Apache Junction


Cave Creek

Fort McDowell Yavapai


Fountain Hills

Paradise Valley

Salt River Pima

Community Scottsdale


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