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Professional Windshield Repair In Tucson, Arizona

Every day, literally hundreds of circumstances can create windshield damge. You could have been traveling down I-10 when a landscape truck drops chunks of sharp stones which chip your auto glass. You could be parked in a shady place and a branch could make a direct impact causing a large crack. Your vehicle might have even victimized by vandals. If your auto glass is damaged in any way, just call 1-800-Windshield and have the repairs done quickly to prevent more costly issues. 

In moments, you will be connected to a professional auto glass repair service in Tucson who can provide a professional assessment and estimate on the damage.  Our professionals are experts at repairing windshields, door glass, rear glass, just about any glass surface efficiently and at a very competitive price.

Don't wait. Fix that damaged windshield before it gets worse

Windshields can be damaged by anything from branches to baseballs, stones to severe storms. However, the most common type of damage is typically the result of road impact.  This could be an animal, stones kicked up from vehicles or even an object flying loose from a truck bed. No matter how you sustain damage, don't wait! 

Failure to fix your windshield almost always results in even more damage, dangerous reduced visibility and citations from law enforcement. Your safety and your passengers' safety could be compromised.  Besides keeping bugs out, the windshield is a defensive shield between you and what is outside heading in your direction. It also aids in supporting your vehicle’s structural integrity. A sound windshield is absolutely mandatory for proper deployment of airbags and seatbelt function. 

What are some good things to know about auto glass damage?

  • Never wait on repairing auto glass damage.  Even a minute chip can quickly expand into a large crack under temperature changes or rough road vibration. 
  • If the crack is towards the center of the glass it has a greater chance of being fixed like new in approximately half an hour. 
  • The center of the windshield handles shock better than the edges. But, damage in the middle your windshield can dangerously disrupt your line of sight and endager other cars and pedestrians.
  • With today's technology, repair of auto glass is extremely affordable.
  • The comprehensive part of most auto insurance plans will cover the cost of the windshield repair. Depending on the situation, you may have absolutely no out of pocket expense if the vehicle has a warranty.
  • Corrosive areas around the frame of the windshield can lead to serious damage.  Have this inspected to prevent further damage.
  • If you start seeing cracks a few inches from the edge of the windshield, it may be weak areas created during the manufacturing process. Theseareas can impact the integrity of the glass and diminish it's protective quality if you are involved in a collision.

Windshield repair service standards that guarantee satisfaction

  • Our auto glass technicians understand all the contingent factors related to the location of the damage in your windshield. Before we begin any work, our experienced windshield technicians will carefully assess the damage and recommend the best solution for your auto glass. 
  • Our repair process assures quality and safety. From prepping the windshield to the use of proper tools and material, we make sure not to miss a thing. 
  • All auto glass members are chosen based on their excellent and highly respectable business practices.
  • Our technicians are continually trained and up-to-date with the latest auto glass advancements. 
  • We abide by Federal Vehicle Safety Standards and use OEM (Original Equipment Provider) equiptment.
  • Many of technicians provide mobile service for the utmost convenience. 


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