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Do You Need To Repair Or Replace A Damaged Windshield In Colorado Springs?

During intense winter storms or summer showers the windshield of a car is subjected to significant stresses. If you find your windshield damaged from these events, fill out the form on this website or dial 1-800-Windshield for a referral to a local business that can give you a free estimate on any repairs that are needed. Auto glass is not something that can fall into disrepair. It is an integral portion of any automobile. Most people overlook that it is one of the most basic parts of the safety system in any vehicle. Without a strong and durable windshield, modern cars wouldn't be used to the extent that we see. Keep the following factors in mind when attempting to determine if your windshield needs to be repaired.

  • Safety responsibilities effect more than the passengers and driver. Nearby pedestrians and other commuters are put at risk by an unsafe vehicle on the road.
  • 1-800-Windshield affiliates are all capable of providing a free estimate that establishes what the cost of repairs will be. This estimate has no obligations and is provided to let the customer know beforehand what the cost will be.
  • We can repair windshields extremely fast with modern tools. Don't let time concerns stop you from bringing in your car for a repair.

What makes auto glass so impact resistant?

The innovations that made the modern windshield possible are simple in principle.

  • Two sheets of glass are sandwiched on either side of a piece of poly-vinyl laminate. This inner plastic layer provides a stretchable surface that is invisible to the human eye. When an object impacts the window it allows the glass to break and bend instead of shattering into the passenger compartment.
  • This glass also goes by other names like laminated glass or safety glass.
  • The same technology is used in creating bulletproof glass and visors in some helmets.

The laminated glass comes with other less known benefits that are often not even considered while driving:

  • Laminated glass can absorb up to 97% of all ultraviolet radiation that hits it. This creates a much more stable interior temperature and helps prevent sunburn during long trips.
  • High frequency sound is massively softened by laminated glass. This keeps the driver focused on the road and helps to prevent distraction.

What types of damage should be brought to a repair shop as soon as possible?

Any suspected damage needs to be taken to an expert for analysis. A shop contacted through the 1-800-Windshield network will be capable of providing expert advice with a no obligation quote. The following types of damage are the most common cases:

  • Cracked windshields often need a repair fast. Shifting temperatures and changing weather patterns can cause a small crack to expand and become much more serious.
  • Chipped glass is hard to spot sometimes, but often indicates an area that has experienced a sizable impact recently. These need to be taken to a professional to be inspected closely and fixed.
  • Scratched glass can point to an area of the windshield that has been weakened by weathering or other effects. Though cosmetic in nature, scratches can provide launching points for bigger damages.

What service does 1-800-Windshield give customers?

By filling out the form on this website or dialing 1-800-Windshield, you will be directed to a local auto glass expert. The process of finding a competent technician in the Colorado Springs area can be difficult because of how clogged with competition it is. Our affiliates are the best businesses in the area so you can count on finding quality. Don't underestimate these benefits of using 1-800-Windshield:

  • Local shops are aware that the survival of their business depends on happy customers talking to potential customers about their experience. The end result is that every person is treated respectfully and given excellent service.
  • A small business can often connect a customer directly to the technician doing the work. This can help generate trust and will make the process much more efficient.
  • Local businesses are experience in Colorado's insurance laws. This saves confusion and work on both ends of the transaction.

Where in Coloradao Springs and El Paso County can I expect to find an auto glass shop in the network?

All of El Paso County is covered by the 1-800-Windshield network including the following communities:  


Colorado Springs


Green Mountain Falls

Manitou Springs


Palmer Lake


Auto Glass merchants, click here for information about applying to be accepted into the 1-800-Windshield program.
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