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Need Expert Windshield Repair In Bridgeport, Connecticut? 

Are you looking for complete auto glass repair and replacement services in Bridgeport? As we all know, damaged windshields are a part of life in Bridegeport. Many of us have experienced the accidental chip, ding, small crack, leak, and other damage to the glass in our automobiles, causing us to seek a viable solution. Some of us had the terrible experience of a shattered windshield, the crack in the windshield that went from side to side all the way across, or the diagonal crack that kept spreading and spreading. In those situations, we found that a full window replacement was needed. At that point, we had to go looking for a qualified, dependable windshield replacement service. Finally, after choosing one, we could only hope that we were making the right choice.  

1-800-Windshield is the solution! If you are struggling with any of these auto glass situations, causing you irritation and concern, contact us. We are Bridgeport's premiere choice for prompt, and thorough windshield repair and replacement. You can contact us by simply calling 1-800-Windshield or filling out the convenient on-line form. 

Once you contact us, our experienced and highly trained team will:

  • Quickly schedule a time for assessment – At your convenience, we will schedule a time for one of our repair experts to assess your vehicle. Our technician will examine the damage and determine the right repair path to follow. For any reason, if your vehicle is unsafe to drive or you cannot come to us, our mobile team can come to you or we canl make the arrangements to have your vehicle brought to our facility.
  • Give you a written estimate – It is our standard policy to provide for you at no cost, a full estimate for repairs. Only with your full approval will we move forward on any repair or replacement. You will know your exact costs and there will never be unexpected, hidden surprises. 
  • Guarantee the all the work we do – We 100% guarantee the workmanship and materials for all repairs and replacements that we perform. 
  • Assist you with handling insurance - No more nightmares with insurance claims. We will work with your insurance company and promptly process the necessary information to make repair or replacement as expedient as possible. 

Why is having an sound windshield vitally important?

Let's face it, we have all thought, "one more day with that crack in the windshield won't matter." Wrong. Windshields are a top safety component in any vehicle and should be treated as priority. 

  • Windshields are made of a strong laminate positioned between two layers of glass. This laminate holds the it together in the event of a major collision. If the glass is damaged beforehand, the windshield may not hold together during a collision occurs.
  • The structural integrity of a vehicle is dependent on the windshield. During a“roll-over," an undamaged windshield will help support the car's roof. Even a small crack, or other defect could impact the integrity of the support design. 
  • The chip in your windshield, that you fail to repair, could pose a significant safety risk. Though small in size, this area  can expand and worsen quickly, sometimes without any warning. Should you hit a pothole, the vibration may be enought to turn a small chip into a complete horizontal crack on the windshield. Not only does this hinder your view and distract your driving ability, the sudden crack could create an impulsive physical reaction that could create an accident. 

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