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Hartford, Connecticut's Auto Glass Repair and Replacement Specialists

If your vehicle has windshield issues, from broken and cracked auto glass needing full replacement to scratches and chips on the periphery of your auto glass, then 1-800-Windshield is your solution.We offer fast and professional services for all of your auto glass needs at very competitive prices. Hartford is the hub of our state, and with that role, we see tens of thousands of vehicles pass over our roadways each day. With that level of traffic, there is little wonder as to why windshield damage is a major concern in the Hartford area.

How will 1-800-Windshield help us with our auto glass repair?

1-800-Windshield will connect you with the leading auto glass specialist in the Hartford area.  We will provide everything that you need to get your damages repaired and get you back on the road in as little time as possible.

Call 1-800-Windshield to schedule your appointment with our local Hartford repair facility. You will speak to one of our representatives who will help you start the process of repair promptly. Or, go to the form on this webpage, fill it out with the necessary information, and forward it to us. One of our representatives will contact you immediately.

What about the insurance company?

We all know that, even though many of us work for the insurance industry in and around Hartford, filing an insurance claim can be time consuming, and sometimes frustrating. We will help. Often times, we are able to complete all of your paperwork for you, relieving you of nearly all contact with your insurance company. We will also work hard to keep the claim to a minimum so your insurance rates will not be affected.

How does 1-800-Windshield assure excellence in service? 

1-800-Windshield is a national company with local affiliates in all of the major metropolitan areas in the country. Only the top 5% of all auto glass repair companies are allowed to become affiliates. This high standard assures our customers of dependable and professional service. Additionally, all 1-800-Windshield affiliates fully guarantee all of their work.

What are the safety issues concerning damaged windshields?

Having safe, uncompromised auto glass throughout your vehicle protects yourself, your passengers, and surrounding drivers, and their passengers as well.

  • Cracked Windshields - Cracked windshields create one of the biggest risks for Hartford area drivers. Cracked windshields compromise the structural integrity of your vehicle. The front and back windows are made of two sheets of glass with a layer of laminate in between. This technology creates a very strong product that is designed to help dissipate the energy created when an accident occurs. When either the front or the back windows are cracked, the force from the impact is not allowed to pass through to the frame of the vehicle. The window will then be shattered, potentially causing injury to the occupants. Also, in order for side airbags to work properly, front windshields must be at full strength and not be compromised at all. Otherwise, the side airbags may not function as designed, causing unnecessary injury to vehicle occupants.
  • Scratched Windshields – We all have experienced that scary feeling when we round a corner, and the bright rays of the rising or setting sun directly hit our windshield, blinding us completely. When your windshield is scratch, those rays from the sun are magnified even more, causing us an even greater problem. Our expert technicians can often help rectify this potentially dangerous situation.
  • Chips, dings and Stars – These kinds of damages may seem of little consequence. In fact, if left unattended, they can become serious problems. Damage of this nature can expand suddenly, creating cracks that will radiate throughout the windshield, completely distorting our vision, seemingly instantaneously. When our vision is impaired in this fashion, an accident can easily occur. It does not take much to cause a small problem to become a major problem. Hitting a pothole, having a chunk of ice or other object hit the windshield, or even the windshield warming quickly on a cold day, will all cause rapid cracking of auto glass.

It is always best to have all of your auto glass damage repaired as soon as possible, using our professional and well-trained staff.

We serve all of Hartford and the surrounding communities, including:


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Our local facilities are easy to find. If you cannot come to us, our mobile unit can come to your home or business. 

Auto Glass merchants, click here for information about applying to be accepted into the 1-800-Windshield program.
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