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Searching For An Auto Glass Repair Shop In Seaford, Delaware?

When a windshield becomes damaged, it can be an overwhelming proposition to find an auto glass shop that provides quality service in an acceptable timeframe. By filling out the form on this website or dialing 1-800-Windshield a driver can be immediately connected to a shop in Seaford that can do both of these things with ease.

The windshield is an often overlooked portion of the safety system of every car. When it becomes damaged, it increases risk for all passengers, other vehicles and nearby pedestrians. Ignoring windshield damage could lead to a blowout situation or an expensive fix. Consider these facts when debating whether to bring a windshield to a repair shop:

  • The auto glass shops in the 1-800-Windshield network are all capable of providing a free estimate on any work that needs to be done. This should alleviate the worry of costs.
  • Our trained auto glass technicians understand that windshield damage is not planned for and will work hard to get a vehicle fixed in little time.
  • The safety of a vehicle affects much more than the driver. Safety is an assumed responsibility that affects all people in and around a car.
  • Damages can often worsen from weather events. Dealing with them fast can save money and time.

What is a windshield made of?

The modern windshield is an invention that has been in use for nearly a century now. Two panes of glass are sandwiched to a central layer of poly-vinyl plastic, creating a composite that has the rigidity of glass and the malleability of plastic. In the event of an impact or collision, a modern windshield can bend and flex around the point of greatest tension. This helps to maintain a shield between the exterior and interior of a car which reduces risk of injury and damage to a vehicle. This glass is often called safety glass or laminated glass, and is used in many other applications. Bullet proof glass is a much stronger version of the same material used in windshields. Consider these benefits of using safety glass in cars:

  • The windshield is capable of breaking in many stages instead of shattering on first impact. This gives the driver an opportunity to seek assistance or repair.
  • Laminated glass can absorb much of the high frequency sound thrown at it. This can be critical while driving through Seaford and trying to stay focused.
  • The poly-vinyl layer in windshields absorbs up to 97% of all ultraviolet light. This helps to regulate the temperature inside the car and can prevent sunburns from long drives.

What service does 1-800-Windshield provide?

When trying to find a shop that can repair or replace a windshield, a small business is the best choice. Our national network of auto repair professionals has met our standards of service excellence. By using 1-800-Windshield to locate a shop, you are guaranteed excellent quality and professionalism. Consider the following bonuses of utilizing small business over large chains that span the country:

  • Local businesses understand the power of customer service. They will often go the extra step to help a customer and they understand this generates more business in the long term.
  • Shops located in the Seaford area are experienced with the coastal storms that roll through on a regular basis. They can often respond faster because they are prepared for local weather damage.
  • Our local affiliate in Delaware will have a better understanding of the insurance claim process and state laws. This can save money and effort.
  • A small company can usually connect a customer directly to the technician working on a vehicle. This can help develop trust and understanding about the work being done.

What damages warrant bringing a car directly to an auto glass shop?

Every situation is different when damaged glass is the primary concern. The following issues are common red flags that need to be brought to an expert:

  • Cracked windshields are the clearest indication that there has been a serious impact or weathering event.
  • Chipped glass is usually a result of a smaller impact but needs to be taken just as seriously as other damages. This can weaken an area and set it up for future failures.
  • Scratched glass is often only cosmetic, but can be a focal point for future damages if not repaired early.

Where else in Sussex County, Delaware does the 1-800-Windshield network service?

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Dewey Beach
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Henlopen Acres
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South Bethany

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