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Need To Get A Damaged Windshield Replaced Or Repaired In Washington DC?

Washington D.C. can experience huge storms year round which can punish your windshield. When the inevitable crack or scratch happens, dial 1-800-Windshield or fill out the form on this website to be connected to an expert auto glass technician in the area. By using our national network of windshield repair shops, you can expect to be find a ocal business that has met stringent service criteria.  This local business has been put through an accreditation process that ensures the highest quality work and total customer satisfaction. When you look at damage on your windshield and feel unsure about the necessity of a professional, try to keep these factors in mind:

  • A windshield is an integral portion of the safety system of any vehicle. If there is a collision or severe weather that takes place, it is the first layer of defense against outside elements. When safety is a question, the driver must consider nearby drivers and pedestrians.
  • Auto glass can be repaired quickly and efficiently with modern techniques. Don't let time constraints stop you from bringing a glass problem into the shop.  Know that they can get the work done fast without leaving me carless.
  • All auto glass shops in the 1-800-Windshield network provide free a free quote before any work is done.  Don't let an assumed cost stop you from finding out what the actual cost is. 

Why is auto glass such an important part of the safety system?

The modern windshield is actually two layers of glass that sandwich a single layer of poly-vinyl laminate. The effect of this invisible layer of plastic is a significant strengthening of the rigid glass structure. When impacted, the glass can still crack and shatter but it stays bound to the inner layer of plastic that bends with whatever is colliding into it. This means that even when the windshield breaks or shatters, it still maintains a relative structure that can block exterior elements from entering the passenger cabin. There are other benefits to this type of glass that are often overlooked. Consider these two bonuses to using laminated glass:

  • Up to 97% of ultraviolet radiation is absorbed by laminated windshields. The temperature of the passenger cabin is much more stable because of this and riders don't have to worry about sun burn.
  • Laminated glass absorbs a significant amount of high frequency sound from the exterior. The passenger cabin is a much less distracting place because of this.

What damage do I need to watch for?

All instances of windshield damage are different so don't be afraid to get a damage assessment. These are some of the common issues that can be fixed quickly:

  • Cracked glass is a clear indicator that the windshield has either been weathered heavily or impacted by something sizable. A crack should not be treated as static damage, it can grow overnight or expand from simple weather events.
  • A scratched window is a common problem that can grow into something much more expensive if ignored. Scratches occur from a large variety of things, the important part to consider is that weather can expand them into much more expensive damages.
  • A chipped windshield is often harder to see, but if spotted needs to be taken to an auto glass shop immediately. They can severely weaken the structure of the glass and may compromise the internal poly-vinyl layer.

What does 1-800-Windshield do to help repair and replace auto glass?

By filling out the form on this website or dialing 1-800-Windshield a customer is automatically directed to an expert auto glass shop in their area. The shop is always a locally-operated business that has exceeded expectations in customer service. The following benefits of small business get passed on directly to the customer:

  • A small shop gives a customer the option to talk directly to the auto glass technician. This generates trust and understanding, which saves money and time.
  • A local shop based in Washington DC will know what weather events have come through town recently. Since weather is so important to windshield repair, they may be expecting the specific problems that are brought to them that day. 
  • Downtown DC can be a hassle to find quality work in. The 1-800-Windshield network guarantees a referral to a qualified shop.

We service Washington DC and these areas: 


Dupont Circle

Embassy Row

Adams Morgan

Penn quarter

Foggy Bottom

Columbia Heights

Pennsylvania Avenue

Capitol Riverfront

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