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It can be overwhelming to step outside and find windshield damage that is completely unexpected.  Upon finding any auto glass damage, the process for identifying a qualified repair technician is made easy with 1-800-Windshield. By filling out the form on this website, or calling 1-800-Windshield,  you will be connected to your local auto glass repair expert in Aurora. Damaged Auto glass is not something you should avoid. The windshield is an important part of the safety system of every car. This means that if it falls into disrepair, the driver must fix it for the safety of all passengers, other vehicles and pedestrians. If an emergency situation occurs, the windshield is the first layer of defense. Consider these reasons for seeking out repair quickly:

  • Automobile owners save money in the long term by repairing damaged windows before they become weathered further or weakened by additional impacts.
  • The windshield only functions as a safety device if it is free from defects, don't sacrifice safety for a few dollars.
  • Windshield repair can be done quickly, so don't avoid it because of impatience.

What is automobile glass made of?

Sandwiched in between two layers of glass is a poly-vinyl material that gets fused evenly. The effect that the plastic vinyl has on the two pieces of fragile glass is a strengthening bond. Where it would be prone to shatter or break beforehand, safety glass stays as one piece in the event of impact. The direct effects of having a car built with safety glass are obvious, the sheet of glass doesn't explode into shards during emergencies. Other benefits include:

  • Safety glass is an excellent sound suppressor, lowering many high frequency noises. This makes the passenger cabin a less distracting place, allowing the driver to focus on the road better.
  • The poly-vinyl layer also absorbs up to 97% of incoming ultraviolet light. This keeps the temperature of the cabin much more stable.

When is a windshield in need of repair or replacement?

There are many warning signs that a windshield is becoming damaged. Every situation is different, but a driver must bring a vehicle to an expert if they suspect any sort of damage to the windshield. It is a critically important part of the vehicle, and procrastination puts all people involved at risk. Seek out an expert in auto glass if any of the following troubles arise.

  • Scratched glass can seem unimportant, but is often a precursor to more serious breaks and issues. This can be fixed with a simple repair job if identified early and dealt with.
  • Chipped glass is the first step towards windshield failure. If a piece of the windshield becomes chipped, it could compromise the integrity of the poly-vinyl layer, setting up the windshield for more serious breaks.
  • Cracked glass is the most serious problem and can often lead to complete windshield replacement. A cracked window can fail completely at any time and often doesn't protect from rain or intense heat anymore. Deal with this problem quickly or run the risk of a blowout.

What does 1-800-Windshield do for the customer?

When utilizing the services of 1-800-Windshield, a customer is redirected to a local shop that has been included in our national network of affiliates. The customer is getting the benefit of not having to worry about filtering through many competitors in a rush to find the services they need. Consider any of the following factors when using this service:

  • 1-800-Windshield affiliates are local businesses that have passed rigorous national standards.
  • You will be supporting your local economy and small business without sacrificing quality.
  • Local businesses will always have unique knowledge about the Aurora area weather patterns and therefore are better prepared for windshield fixes. Common problems can be solved very fast when the technician is familiar with the issues.
  • Local repair shops can better establish a reliable line of dialogue with the customer. This empowers the customer and allows them to feel safe in their choices.
  • Free estimates that come with no obligation.
  • Local experts know the requirements of car insurance companies which will save customers money and effort.

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