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Windshield Replacement Made Easy In Joliet, Illinois

Windshield and auto glass damage is common in Joliet and all of Will County, but finding the right company to repair or replace your auto glass damage after it has occurred can sometimes be a problem. When you contact Joliet’s 1-800-Windshield, it is never a problem. We will make all of your auto glass repairs promptly and professionally, and at the same time, save you money.

In Joliet and the surrounding communities, we spend a great deal of time on the roads, dealing with heavy traffic, and sometimes, unpleasant winter driving conditions. Between those two situations, our windshields and our other auto glass units experience some harsh conditions. Heavy traffic means more fender benders each day. The sand trucks that are spreading sand across our highways also deposit those occasional pebbles that can become flying missiles aimed at our windshields. And, the extreme temperatures that we experience, both summer and winter, are also   a hardship on our windshields.

Why is auto glass repair so important?

Auto glass in today’s vehicles plays a very vital role in providing safety to all the occupants riding in our cars.

  • Cracked windshields – Whenever a crack enters the critical viewing area of your windshield, which is usually defined as the area covered by the sweep of your windshield wipers, it is past time for your auto to be examined by an auto glass technician from 1-800-Windshield. A crack of this length means that your view is now materially impaired, and your vehicle can no longer be legally operated. Full and unimpaired vision of the road ahead is imperative for your safety and the safety of your passengers. Cracked windshields pose another dangerous situation. A crack that runs the length or width of your windshield reduces the strength of the glass. Another hard impact could cause the window to collapse and fall free from the car. When this happens, the structural strength of the vehicle diminishes greatly. The passenger compartment is now open for objects to easily enter the vehicle, and for passengers to now be at risk of being thrown from the vehicle.
  • Chipped windshields and small cracks – The small chips and cracks that we find in our windshields seem to be more bother than anything else. This is not the case! The chips and cracks create a weakened area in your windshield. This area is susceptible to expanding into greater damage given the right set of conditions. Vibrations, impacts, or a sudden change of temperature in the glass unit can cause further damage. It would be fine if we all could be assured that this would happen as we sat safely at home in our driveway. More often than not, the damaged area will expand as we are driving, causing us to lose our focus on the road ahead, and thereby endangering everyone in your vehicle, as well as those around you.

Is it expensive and time consuming to have window glass repaired or replaced?

  • Much of the answer depends upon your insurance policy. Windshield coverage usually falls under the comprehension part of your policy. Deductibles will range from as little as fifty dollars to as high as five hundred dollars or more. Our customer service representatives at Joliet’s 1-800-Windshield repair service will be happy to help you determine what you deductible may be. The small cracks and chips, if handled before they are allowed to expand, can be relatively inexpensive to repair. Once repaired, often times the window is even stronger than before. 
  • However, depending upon where the crack is located, and how large the damaged area is, the only way to comply with the law is to replace your windshield or whichever other glass unit is damaged. The replacement costs vary, depending upon model and make of the automobile. At 1-800-Windshield we will give you an estimate prior to any work being done. You will know exactly what the cost will be before we begin!
  • We value your time. We ask that you contact us ahead of time if possible. We will schedule an appointment time for you. By having an appointment, you will not be kept waiting. When you do arrive, your vehicle will be repaired promptly and professionally.

Let's get the repair process started

  • Phone – Just call 1-800-Windshield to contact a Joliet service representative. This person will gather some necessary information, and find a convenient time for your appointment.
  • Email – Complete the form on this webpage and send it to us.  Our service representative will review your information then contact you in return.

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