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Windshield Repair Done By Auto Glass Professionals In Naperville, Illinois

Suppose you were you driving down the road in Naperville on a windy day and a branch fell directly on your windshield and put a scratch across the middle?  Auto glass damage can happen anytime and create frustrating circumstances. One call to 1-800-Windshield can resolve any repair issue in less time than you may think.

Common ways windshields sustain damage 

  • If your car is an older model, check for rust or corrosion around the frame of the glass.  At some point, the damage will become severe and vibration on the road will cause the windshield to slip out of the frame.
  • Unfortunately animals are a big proponent of windshield damage. This could happen while you are driving and a deer runs in front of your car. 
  • A microscopic chip in your windshield can easily become a large crack when there is a drastic temperature variation between the inside and outside of the vehicle.
  • Vandals can smash side windows causing more damage than shattered glass which impacts the integrity of the frame. 
  • When traveling down the highway air-pressure fluctuates against the windshield. If you hear a whistling sound instead this can often mean damage that is not visible to the eye. 
  • Gravel and rocks can be strewn by vehicles in other lanes creating chips and cracks in your windshield.

A few useful facts on auto glass damage

  • Though a chip may be tiny and impede your line of vision, it could become a full length crack in no time. A drastic temperature variation or road vibration can turn even the smallest damage into a dangerous situation. 
  • The center of the windshield is more shock absorbent than the edges. Damages in the center can typically be repaired whereas damage on the edges create more structural issues and often need replacement.
  • With modern advances in adhesives, fixing your auto glass is affordable. If the vehicle has a warranty, most comprehensive insurance covers the full cost of windshield repair with no personal expense.
  • Be wary of the repair service you choose.  A trained auto glass professional is knowledgeable about safety issues and able to identify problems that are missed by novices. They will point out things like corrosion issues around the frame of the auto glass and suggest ways to prevent further damage.
  • If you begin seeing cracks near the edge of the windshield, bring the auto in for assessment. Many weak spots are created during the manufacturing process and covered under the warranty.  

Feel absolutely confident about 1-800-Windshield

  • We will always give you the best solution to fix the windshield and make sure the repair is sound and safe. Our repair process is thorough, from correct preparation of the windshield to the final polish of your auto glass after the repair is made. 
  • When you choose us for your repair, you will feel confident knowing that all auto glass members in our network are chosen because of their exceptional business standards. Only a small percentage of windshield companies nationwide qualify to become members.
  • We make sure that each of our affiliates trains their technicians completely so that they are qualified to diagnose, repair and replace windshields correctly.
  • We meet the Federal Vehicle Safety Standards on all repair work and endeavor to use only OEM (Original Equipment Provider) if a replacement is necessary .


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