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Looking For Professional Auto Glass Replacement Or Repair In Des Moines?

Do you know the frustration of getting in your car to find a crack that has formed overnight on the windshield? The easiest way to remedy that problem is by filling out the form on this website or by calling 1-800-Windshield. By doing so, you will be  directly connected to a local auto glass expert near you in Des Moines.  When your windshield has become damaged,  be sure to seek expert advice without delay. The difference a few days makes with auto glass damage can be astounding. Within days, scratches can become cracks, and cracks can widen across the entire surface of the glass. This increases both costs and risks.  

What does 1-800-Windshield do to make this situation easier on the customer?

When a customer comes to this website or calls 1-800-Windshield, they are quickly directed to a local expert who meets our high standards for business practices. A customer can expect fast and effective service from local repair shop which upholds our national standards for excellence.  The benefits are clear and any of these traits define why a customer should prefer our service:

  • Our local experts have the personal knowledge of Des Moines conditions and familiarity with the area.
  • Customers can be assured that a resident of the community they live in is helping them through the repair process.
  • The professionals that you are connected to provide a written estimate of all work that needs to be done. 
  • We are well versed in the requirements of insurance providers. This lowers costs and makes the entire process smoother.

What types of damage should I consider repairing?

It is tempting to think that a damaged windshield is something that does not require immediate attention, but a damaged window can affect much more than a driver's wallet. The safety of the vehicle is jeopardized by auto glass problems. When the safety of your vehicle is in question, the safety of everyone around your vehicle is in question. When considering when repairs are necessary, please take into account the pedestrians, drivers and others that are near you and at risk. These are some examples of issues that need addressing:

  • Chipped glass can lead to breaks with weathering or unexpected impacts.
  • Cracks can open further and spread across the windshield. The weakened structure can no longer provide the strength that is expected when this happens.
  • Scratches along the surface may see benign, but often lead to more damage if not repaired.

Why is modern automobile safety glass so different?

The windshield of modern cars is so much more than the layer glass that it used to be. Normal glass is prone to shattering and breaks from pressure. Today's auto glass is actually two layers of glass with a layer of vinyl between them. This creates a tensile net that glues the glass together, reducing incidents of fracture and shatter. The end effect is a window that is incredibly effective at separating the outside of the cabin and the inside. This basic layer of protection is key to any car's complete safety kit. 

Customer satisfaction is key to our business

The Des Moines metro area is a dense structure of bustling communities. We understand that within that network of businesses there is large variation in quality. That is the key to what 1-800-Windshield does. We apply national standards to local markets. This service is something that benefits both the local businesses involved and their customers. Attaching effective businesses with customers that have needs tailored to them is exactly what we set as our top goal.

Our specialists know how to repair and replace windshields quickly. When we refer a customer to our local affiliate, we know they are going somewhere for an immediate solution and total customer satisfaction.

1-800-Windshield thrives because of the knowledge and hard work of our select companies and the individuals who own them.  The collective experience of nationwide specialists are what makes us successful and effective.

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