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Windshield Replacement Made Easy In Louisville, Kentucky!

When those small damages, like chips, pings, dings, and scratches appear in your auto glass, 1-800-Windshield is your answer. Even after the small damages have grown, and your windshield now needs replacing, 1-800-Windshield is still your answer. Our local Louisville affiliate is able to repair or replace every auto glass issue that you might have. Our trained and experienced auto glass technicians will do what is needed to make your vehicle safe once again, and get you on your way.

We have busy roadways throughout the Louisville Metro, and our windshields are constantly being hit by flying debris, bouncing pebbles, and sometimes falling branches. Most often, because of the strength and durability designed into our windshields, all of these impacts cause no damage, and simply bounce away. Other times, small chips, pings, dings, scratches, and sometimes, cracks will appear. When these first appear, don't wait.  Call 1-800-Windshield to have them assessed by an expert. Small damage areas to your auto glass can often times be easily repaired, leaving your window safe and stronger than before. When these small are damages are left unattended, that is when major damage can appear.

How can something so small become a major problem?

Auto glass is specially designed to offer great protection for the occupants of a vehicle. When the glass is struck by objects, the window is designed to withstand those impacts, and not break apart. The force of the blow has to be absorbed somewhere, so instead of shattering these small areas appear. Once they appear, nature and the natural forces take over.

  • Vibrations – Every time we take to the roadways, thousands of vibrations roll through our car, coming up through the tires and spreading throughout the car. Each vibration that reaches the small crack in the windshield has an effect, causing that crack to expand just a bit. Finally, the tipping point is reached, and the crack will expand rapidly across your windshield.
  • Sand and Dirt – Particles will work their way into the crevices created by impacts to our windshields. Over time, combined with the vibrations and the windshield contracting and expanding due to cold and heat, these particles will force the crack to expand.
  • Change in Temperature – With our Louisville temperatures having a broad range, the window glass will contract or expand as the temperature changes. This movement will work on the imperfections in the glass until the damage in the glass eventually expands even more.
  • Washing Your Car – This same concept is true when washing your car. Often times when we are out washing our car on a hot summer day, we will rinse the car, leave the hose running, wash the car, pick up the hose again, and start to rinse the car. A crack can suddenly emerge from the edge of windshield and run the width of the glass. That cold water from the hose, when it hits the hot windshield, is enough of a temperature change to cause that small crack to expand. 

Kentucky auto glass insurance

Having these small damages repaired when they occur could also save you insurance costs. Our state is one of only four states that call for insurance companies to waive the deductible for windshield repairs and replacement, if you have full coverage and/or comprehensive auto insurance. A full windshield replacement is always more expensive than a simple repair. Insurance companies appreciate your willingness to work with them to save money. Do not put off the repair and call 1-800-Windshield today!

Driving safety and auto glass

  • Visibility – Having the driver’s vision impaired by cracks or other damages to the front, back, or side windows create a dangerous driving situation. These damages need to be corrected.
  • Structural Support – The windows in an automobile help to give structural support to the vehicle in the event of an accident. Windows that are damaged cannot perform this important function. If windows give way during an accident, occupants could be thrown from the vehicle, the airbags may not deploy correctly, and the roof of the vehicle could be crushed. 
  • Distractions – Those small imperfections in the windshield seem to attract our attention. Our eyes are constantly being drawn to them as we drive from the road ahead. Also, if we are driving, and one of these small cracks expands suddenly, just the surprise from watching a crack race across our windshield, could be enough of a distraction to cause a serious accident.

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It is easy to take the next step in protecting your family, and making your vehicle safe.

  • Dial 1-800-Windshield, and speak to one of our friendly service representatives. They will help you through the process, right down to helping you with your insurance claim.
  • Email us by filling out the form on this page and forwarding it to us. A representative from Louisville’s 1-800-Windshield facility will contact you immediately.

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