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To Have Your Auto Glass Repairs Done Right, Choose 1-800-Windshield In Quincy, Massachusetts

Windshield damage is commonplace in Quincy, and the surrounding communities. Finding the right auto glass repair and replacement shop to for your damage can be challenging. Specializing in only auto glass repair, the service technicians at 1-800-Windshield will make the repairs correctly the first time, saving you both time and money. 

Quincy and all of Norfolk County have incredibly busy roadways as daily commuters stream to and from Boston north. This traffic will cause some of our roadways to have as many as a quarter of a million automobiles passing over them each day. Construction trucks dropping debris, tires kicking up pebbles and stones left over from our winter sanding efforts, and the dozens of accidents that occur each day on our roads, create an environment that fosters auto glass damage. To offset that, we are fortunate to have a 1-800-Windshield affiliate located in Quincy. This local repair facility can service your vehicle for any, and all auto glass damage, from windshields to mirrors.

Auto glass services provided by 1-800-Windshield

  • Auto Glass Repair – Many smaller damages to our auto glass can be repaired by our skilled technicians. Cracks that are no more than six inches long can be fixed under Massachusetts law as long as they are not in the critical viewing area of the driver.This area is described as the part of the windshield that falls under the sweep of the car’s windshield wipers. Chips and dings also can be repaired. The resins used by our technicians will restore the window to its original strength. 
  • Auto Glass Replacement – There are times when repairing auto glass is not an option. Larger cracks that develop, bull’s eyes that are in the critical viewing area, and spider web cracks that encompass much of the window are some examples. If your vehicle has encountered this type of problem, a full replacement of the affected glass unit will have to be made.
  • Insurance Claims – Under the laws of Massachusetts, auto insurance companies must waive the deductible for windshield replacement and repairs, if you have comprehensive insurance as part of your auto insurance policy. Our service representatives will work with your insurance company to be sure that the law is followed, and you pay no more than you should. In many cases, after you have made you initial contact with your insurance company, 1-800-Windshield will be able to complete your claim, saving you valuable time.
  • Convenience – One phone call or email will start the process of having the auto glass damage repaired. If your vehicle is safe to drive, our repair facility is convenient to all of Norfolk County residents. Our mobile service is available in some parts of the county. If you cannot come to us, we will come to you to make the needed repairs. 

The importance of having your auto glass repaired or replaced

Safety is the primary reason. We all want to provide the safest possible environment for ourselves, and our families. Auto glass plays an important role in providing that save environment.  

  • Obstructed Views – With as many vehicles on our roadways as we have, you, as a driver, must have a clear and unobstructed view of your surroundings as you drive. Any distraction or distortion caused by damaged auto glass needs to be repaired. Losing sight of another vehicle, just for a moment, or sunlight reflecting off a crack in the windshield and blinding you just for a moment, can create a dangerous situation for you and your family.  
  • Structural Safety – Your automobile is designed to provide you with maximum safety in the event of an accident. This done in a variety of ways, but the structural strength of your vehicle is one of the most important. The auto glass in your vehicle is a part of that system. When any glass unit in your vehicle is weakened because of a crack, ding, or other problem, there is a greater risk of injury to the occupants. The windshield and rear window are both designed to help transfer the energy from the impact of an accident to the framework of your car. They are also intended to give support to your roof in the event of you vehicle being flipped onto its roof during a collision. Damaged windows simply cannot perform these roles.
  • Safety Equipment – Airbags are important components in the safety design of your auto. A compromised windshield or side window will sometimes prevents airbags from functioning the way that they should. A malfunctioning airbag leads to unnecessary risk and injury for all involved. 

To make the needed repairs to your auto glass, contact us

  • By Phone – 1-800-Windshield is the number to dial. You will reach one of our Quincy customer service representatives. The auto glass repair process will be explained, your questions will be answered, information will be gathered, and a time will be set for the one of the auto  glass experts at the local 1-800-Windshield affiliate to look at your vehicle’s damage.
  • By Email – Fill out the form on this webpage by answering the basic questions that will provide us with some needed information. Once that has been completed, and forwarded to us, a service representative will contact you. The two of you will find a convenient time for you to bring your car to our closest repair facility, and together we will get the repair process started.

Quincy’s 1-800-Windshield affiliate serves all of Norfolk County, including:
















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