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Dealing With A Broken Windshield In St. Charles, Missouri?

Windshield damage is not only annoying, it puts vehicles and their occupants at significant risk of damage and injury.  If you are looking for windshield repair in and around St. Charles, then 1-800-Windshield can help. Everyday life in St. Charles can pase hazzards to auto glass.  You could be driving down I-70 when a migrating song bird flies into your windshield and takes a chip out of the glass.  You could be crossing an intersection on US-40 when another driver runs a red light and t-bones you at a high enough speed that all of your auto glass cracks.  You could even be parked in your own garage when that box of tools you never properly secured falls down, causing heavy-duty wrenches to fall straight through your windshield.  Because windshield damage can happen essentially anywhere at any time, it is almost impossible to prevent.  Luckily, 1-800-Windshield is here to pick up the pieces and put them back together.

What can 1-800-Windshield do for my damaged auto glass?

1-800-Windshield is a nationwide coalition of independent windshield repair facilities.  We have members in communities across the United States, including in St. Charles.  Our members provide the full range of auto glass repair needs including:

  • Inspection and Evaluation of Damage. Auto glass damage is never the exact same twice.  The differences between damage that is quick and cheap to fix and damage which is more costly are often subtle and minor.  Our technicians are experts in the field and have spent years working with all forms of windshield damage.   They will be able to tell you exactly what’s wrong and exactly what will be necessary to fix it.  
  • Estimation of Cost. Cost of windshield repair can vary dramatically because different repairs require different materials and different amounts of labor.  While the exact cost of most repairs is impossible to know until they have been completed, our members are dedicated to providing the most accurate estimates possible.  Even though it is impossible to gauge price before your vehicle has been inspected, there are a few general guidelines.  If your windshield can be repaired without replacement, your costs will probably run between $30 and $200.  If your auto glass has to be replaced, you will probably end up paying between $200 and $1,500.
  • Repair with Adhesive Chemicals. Minor windshield damage such as small chips and scratches would not be overly problematic on its own except for the fact that it almost always grows and transforms into more serious damage.  A small chip just a centimeter across could eventually grow to the point where the entire windshield must be replaced.  Fortunately, adhesive chemicals have been developed which can prevent this from happening.  Once applied with special tools, these adhesives bond the broken glass together, and prevent the damage from spreading.  Adhesive repair is not only much cheaper than replacement in most circumstances, but it also takes significantly less time to complete.
  • Full Windshield Replacement. Although very effective in many cases, adhesive chemicals have severe limitations.  They cannot fix major damage such as large cracks and missing chunks of glass, nor can they restore the original clarity of the glass.  In situations where repair is either not possible or not safe because it would hinder the driver’s view of the road, full windshield replacement is the only option.  The process requires all existing glass to be removed, and a new windshield installed.   Depending on the make and model of your vehicle and the availability of replacement parts, you may have options as to the replacement glass used.  Make sure to inquire with our local affiliate before repairs are started if you have a material preference.

Why should I choose 1-800-Windshield for my service needs? 

There are a number of benefits to choosing 1-800-Windshield, including:

  • The security and comfort you get from the 1-800-Windshield name
  • The convenience of service from a local St. Charles area facility
  • High caliber service from skilled technicians
  • Courteous and helpful customer service representatives
  • Simplicity and quickness of contact options
  • How Do I Reach 1-800-Windshield for Auto Glass Repair or Replacement?

We provide two quick and easy options contact options

  • Telephone. Reaching us via the telephone couldn’t be simpler.  Just dial 1-800-Windshield to reach our customer service department. From there, our local St. Charles member will be in charge of your service needs.
  • Internet.  Fill out the form located on this webpage.  Once you complete it, send it back to us.  Our representatives will review it and respond at our earliest convenience.

1-800-Windshield services St. Charles and other communities including: 



Dardenne Prairie


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Lake St. Louis


New Melle


Orchard Farm

Portage Des Sioux

St. Charles

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