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Is Your Windshield Broken in Manchester, New Hampshire?

Windshield damage is more than an aesthetic annoyance. It is a potentially serious hazard for all drivers.  Luckily, 1-800-Windshield is on-call and nearby to help you with any auto glass repair and replacement needs in Manchester.  Who are we?  We are an affiliation of the best windshield repair services nationwide. Our select members are experienced in the field of windshield repair and they guarantee a caliber of service that will satisfy you and at a price that's affordable. 

How does 1-800-Windshield come to your rescue? 

We provide a wide range of auto glass services, including:

  • Inspection. There are hundreds of variations when it comes to windshield damage and this means that varied repair solutions are required. Our technicians are highly skilled at inspecting windshield damage and determining what must be done to fix it. We work with you to choose the solution that is both time and cost-effiecient while ensuring your safety on the road.
  • Estimation. The cost of repair and replacement varies because some repairs need costlier materials and considerably more labor than others.  Very small damage can sometimes be repaired for as little as $30, while replacing a windshield on some vehicles can run as high as $1,500 or more. We endeavor to make estimates as accurate as possible.  
  • Repair. Small chips and scratches are fixed with adhesive chemicals applied to damaged areas with specially designed tools. The auto glass is bonded with these chemicals and they prevent the damage from spreading.  
  • Replacement. Adhesives can only go so far in repair. When repair is impossible, full auto glass replacement requires that all existing glass be removed, and a new windshield installed in its place.  

If you're questioning your windshield damage, get an expert's opinion

How do you know if your auto glass needs repair? That is impossible to determine without having it inspected as there are too many variables.  Whether repair will be possible is determined by several things including:

  • What kind of damage is it? Windshield damage comes in several forms, the most common are chips, cracks, scratches, and missing glass.  Chips and scratches do not permeate the glass, and therefore do not compromise its integrity as much as other kinds of damage. Cracks usually have impacted the windshield to an extent that they are not repairable, although there are exceptions.  The only way to repair a fully or partially missing windshield is total replacement.
  • What is the size and extent of the damage? Damage varies in size, from chips a fraction of an inch wide to a complete shattering. Damage which covers only a very small part of a windshield can be repaired whereas damage covering a larger surface area will most likely require replacement. 
  • Location of the Damage. One of the most important features of a windshield is that glass is clear enough to allow drivers to see the road in front of them.  Most forms of windshield damage destroy the clarity of the auto glass.  While adhesives can prevent damage from spreading, they generally cannot restore the glass’s former clarity.  This means that even after repair a driver’s may not be able to see through the damaged area.  When damage is only in an area that doesn't interfere with direct line-of-sight, it can usually be repaired without posing safety issues. 

How do I reach get started on my auto glass service needs? 

For you convenience, we provide two means of getting a hold of us.

  • Via Telephone. Calling us couldn’t be simpler.  Dial 1-800-Windshield to speak with a local windshield professional today. Our pleasant staff will find out more about your particular situation and connect you to our local member in Manchester, who will then be in charge of your service needs.
  • Via the Internet.  Complete the webpage form and send it to us. We will respond as quickly as possible.

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