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Struggling To Find An Auto Glass Shop That Can Repair Or Replace A Windshield In The Toms River Area?

When a severe storm ploughs through the Toms River area and its surrounding communities, it can wreak havoc on windshields. If you find yourself looking at damages and wondering how to fix it, fill out the form on this website or dial 1-800-Windshield. By engaging in this service, you will be quickly referred to a local auto glass shop that can fix any issues efficiently and expertly. The windshield is an important part of any vehicle's overall safety and needs to be kept in optimal condition at all times. If you are debating whether or not damage warrants bringing your car to a repair shop, keep these conditions in mind:

  • Safety issues affect everyone near a vehicle. Don't pass risk onto others for any reason.
  • 1-800-Windshield affiliates are all capable of providing a no obligation quote on any work that needs to be done. Costs should not discourage a person from seeking expert advice.
  • Auto glass repairs can be done with great haste using modern technology. The fear of not having access to your car shouldn't prevent you from seeking help.

What material makes a windshield so strong?

The modern windshield is a composite material made from two panes of glass and a middle layer of poly-vinyl. The interior plastic layer creates a malleable surface for the rigid glass to bind to. This material is commonly called laminated glass or safety glass. When safety glass is impacted, it has the capability to bend around the collision point and maintain its overall structure. Where non-laminated glass would shatter and disperse through the cabin, laminated glass has minimal dispersion and can heavily resist shattering. Consider these benefits of safety glass:

  • When in a serious collision, safety glass can maintain the layer of material blocking the exterior from the passenger cabin. This helps keep passengers inside the vehicle and debris outside.
  • In lighter impact situations, safety glass is resilient enough to crack or chip and resist a complete blowout. This often gives a driver time to seek windshield repair before losing the windshield completely.
  • Safety glass absorbs both ultraviolet radiation and high frequency sound. This helps stabilize the cabin temperature and reduce distractions from exterior noise.

When should I bring a windshield to a repair and replacement specialist?

If damage is suspected, be sure to take a windshield to a shop in the 1-800-Windshield network for a free quote on any service needed. All damage is unique and should be inspected by technicians before deemed roadworthy. Stay alert for the following issues though:

  • Cracked windshields are severe breaks in the structure of the window. These compromise the safety benefits that laminated glass provides and should be repaired in short order.
  • Scratched auto glass is often easily repaired but ignored. If left alone, a scratch can easily grow into a much more severe crack and adds unnecessary risk to the driving experience.
  • Chipped windows are serious problems that need to be looked at by a technician very fast. The section of glass that is chipped may be weakened and set the driver up for a blowout situation when not expected.

What service does 1-800-Windshield provide to the customer?

By filling out the form on this website or dialing 1-800-Windshield a customer is directed to a local glass shop that has shown its expertise in the field of auto glass. The market for auto glass repairs in the Toms River area is saturated with shops and this referral network skips the painstaking trial and error process of attempting to find a quality repair shop in the community. Consider the following benefits of utilizing small business for glass repair:

  • Small shop owners understand that word of mouth is one of the best ways to generate customers. This means that every problem is treated with the same level of attention and customer experience is the top priority in every transaction.
  • Local businesses are familiar with the insurance laws in New Jersey. This saves time and money when going through the process of filing a claim and knowing how to go through that process.
  • Local shops often have a better response time to weather events. Common problems can be dealt with effectively.

Where in the Ocean county, New Jersey area does the 1-800-Windshield network service?

Barnegat Light

Barnegat Township

Bay Head

Beach Haven





Harvey Cedars

Island Heights






Little Egg Harbor

Long Beach



Ocean Gate


Pine Beach


Point Pleasant

Point Pleasant Beach

Seaside Heights

Seaside Park

Ship Bottom

South Toms River


Surf City

Toms River


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