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Hunting For A Reliable Windshield Repair Shop In Hillsboro, Oregon?

Ever feel the pang of stress at seeing a crack across the corner of your windshield?  You're not alone.  Every day, thousands of drivers are left with the dilemma of a damaged windshield. If you need quick and reliable service for damaged auto glass in the Hillsboro area, fill out the form on this website or dial 1-800-Windshield. You will be connected to a local auto glass shop with expert technicians who can fix your windshield promptly. 

A windshield repair is not something to be skipped or treated lightly. All auto glass should be treated as part of the complete safety system in a modern automobile. If any glass falls into disrepair, it puts the driver and all passengers at risk. Be sure to weigh these factors when considering whether or not to seek expertise through 1-800-Windshield:

  • Local shops work fast for the satisfaction of their customers. Trained auto glass technicians understand that a window break is rarely something that a driver could control. Auto glass repairs are treated like emergency repairs and can be done quickly.
  • Auto glass is a critical portion of the safety system in any car. It provides a shield from the outside that can often make a serious difference in impact situations. 
  • All windshield repairs through 1-800-Windshield are scrutinized by our professional technicians who will supply a free, no-obligation quote.  Most repairs are not that costly so it shouldn't prevent a driver from having the damaged fixed.

Why does auto glass so effectively absorb impacts?

When an object strikes a windshield, it doesn't respond like normal glass would. The auto glass can bend and shatter, but it still retains its form as a single layer blocking the vehicle cabin. The key to this material is that it is manufactured differently from normal glass. Auto glass is often referred to as laminated glass or safety glass. This material is actually two layers of normal glass sandwiching a layer of poly-vinyl plastic. The plastic provides an internal layer that the rigid glass is bound to. When a rock or branch impacts a windshield, instead of shattering, the plastic bends and stretches to keep all the glass in one continuous sheet. There are other features of auto glass that many people don't even consider:

  • The poly-vinyl layer of auto glass absorbs up to 97% of all ultraviolet radiation that hits it. This stabilizes the temperature of the cabin significantly.
  • Safety glass is an extremely potent muffler for high frequency sound. The cabin of a vehicle is much quieter because of this.

What auto glass issues should a driver be wary of?

If you encounter any of the following issues, seek out an expert's opinion immediately:

  • Chipped windows can be hard to spot, but when they are located they often indicate a weakened area of the glass. A chip can lead to a crack and eventually make a vehicle prone to shatter situations or blowouts.
  • Cracked windows are strong signal bearers that the windshield is severely damaged. There may have been a significant impact at one point or a smaller crack has weathered into its current state. Cracks need to be taken to an auto glass shop.
  • Scratched auto glass is usually an indicator of a smaller impact or even a broken windshield wiper. These often are small issues that can be resolved relatively easily. If repair is delayed, a scratch can weather and temperature changes may expand it into a much more severe issue.

Why is 1-800-Windshield such a good service for auto repair?

  • Local businesses know state insurance laws and can work with the customer to get them the best price for their coverage.
  • Small businesses know that customer experience is key to succeeding in a saturated market like Hillsboro. Word of mouth can both harm and help a business and any good company will treat every customer with the same level of respect and exceptional service.
  • If a storm rolls through the service area, a local company will be expecting the windshield damage that comes from it. They are better prepared for local issues.  

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