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With everyone flocking to the annual Cherry Festival and State Fair each year, Salem can be crowded with traffic and pedestrians. When the roads are congested and the traffic is unbearable, the last thing you need is to be sidelined with a cracked windshield. To get help with repairing or replacing your auto glass, simply call 1-800-Windshield. You will quickly be connected with Salem’s top-rated auto glass experts who will get your vehicle safely back on the road in very little time. 

A damaged windshield is a serious safety hazard 

If you think that your windshield was intended to just give you a majestic view of the paddleboats along the Willamette River, you are mistaken. It is an important piece of your vehicle’s anatomy. Did you know that 90% of your driving decisions are based upon you being able to see out the windshield clearly? That is astonishing when you find that hundreds of people are driving around each day with a damaged windshield. That puts them and everyone on the road around them at risk.

  • Cracked windshields are also illegal. You will receive a traffic citation if you have a damaged windshield. The good news is that many insurance companies cover auto glass repairs and replacements. 
  • Your windshield is part of the car’s structure. Your windshield is constructed from two sheets of glass that bonded by a strong plastic layer in-between. When placed into its frame it is welded to the car’s body which actually strengthens the frame of the vehicle. When the glass is damaged it weakens the integrity of the entire windshield and compromises the car's engineered safety system. That could mean that in a crash, your air bags may not function as necessary.

1-800-Windshield puts you in the hands of Salem's auto glass experts 

Salem is a thriving city with a quaint feel. Whether you prefer a stroll along Riverfront Park downtown, boating on Willamette River, or taking the kids over to the skate park at Marion Square Park there is something for everyone here. We understand with so much to see and do, the last think you’d like to be doing is wasting an entire day waiting for your windshield to be repaired or replaced. That’s why we work to maintain our time schedules so that we respect your time. You can expect:

  • No hassles. We want to help you make the best decision about replacing or repairing your auto glass. Our trained technicians will provide you with all of the options and a written, no obligation, quote before we start any service.
  • To stay on time. We know that you have a busy schedule and we don’t want to disrupt it any longer than necessary. We will always work hard to manage our time to get you back to your normal routine as soon as possible.
  • We can offer the convience of coming to you.  If it isn’t safe to drive, we can respond with a mobile unit. Just call 1-800-Windshield and make an appointment to have a mobile team come to your home or business anywhere in Salem.

From chips to shatters, we can help you with any auto glass damage 

When you call 1-800-Windshield you are getting a wealth of knowledge, education, and experience in the auto glass repair industry. You can trust that our trained professionals are equipped to deal with any circumstance including these common problems:

  • Minor damage:  Superficial scratches on the surface of your windshield can appear due to the repetitive motion of worn wiper blades scraping the glass. These lines can get deeper and actually weaken the integrity of your windshield.
  • Moderate damage: When anything strikes your windshield when you are driving it can cause damage. Often a rock is the culprit. When you get a chip or minor fracture in the glass it is important to address the problem quickly. If you wait, the problem can escalate and become costly to repair. Small problems can often be repaired in less than thirty minutes.
  • Serious damage: When a large object comes in contact with your windshield, it can create a crack or impact damage that nearly penetrates the entire windshield. When this occurs, your site lines are completely obstructed making it impossible to see out the windshield. In these instances, your windshield cannot be repaired and requires replacement. The good news is that our mobile response team can respond to you. 

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