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Searching For A Fast And Fair Windshield Repair Shop In Greenville, South Carolina?

Know the sinking feeling of finding Windshield damage on your car in the morning?  Thankfully, finding an auto glass shop in Greenville capable of fixing a car quickly and at a competitive price is as simple as dialing 1-800-Windshield or filling out the form on this website. Once that process begins, you will be connected to a local auto glass repair businesses that is part of our exclusive national network. One of the important things to emphasize is that while 1-800-Windshield may be national in its coverage, it utilizes local companies and supports the economies and diversity associated with that. Don't avoid fixing your windshield because of the daunting task of finding a local professional who you can put your trust in. 

What is auto glass and when should I replace it?

The modern windshield is much more than a single pane of glass. Invented in the 1920's, safety glass is two layers of glass sandwiching a layer of poly-vinyl. The effect the vinyl has is to strengthen the glass and provide a bendable material that holds together during impact situations. This means that safety glass is much more durable than most of the glass we find our household appliances. In the unexpected situation of a severe break, the glass will hold together in a single sheet, preventing it from shattering into the cabin. Some other bonuses of having such a specific type of glass include:

  • Absorption of 97% of ultraviolet light, causing the cabin of the vehicle to maintain a much more normal temperature. 
  • A strong sound dampening effect, especially at high frequencies. This means the driver is less likely to be distracted or surprised by the noise of the road.

How do I know I need a professional to help me with this repair?

Each situation is different, but when auto glass is the issue that means that safety is also a question. When safety is a concern, a professional needs to be sought out. All businesses that are included in the network of 1-800-Windshield provide free estimates, so there is no reason to avoid having the damage appraised. It may not be a serious problem, but the expenditure of time for peace of mind is a good trade. The issues that technicians look for often include:

  • Chipped glass can indicate a pierced vinyl layer which can eventually expand to a crack or lead to a full break of the windshield. These can be difficult to spot and should be taken to a repair shop.
  • Cracked glass is usually caused by weathering or impacts. These can expand at a rapid pace from something as little as temperature change. It is the most serious of issues and may end up needing complete replacement.
  • Scratched glass is often disregarded as a cosmetic issue and something that doesn't need repair. The exact opposite is true in most situations though. Scratched glass can quickly expand into cracks, but can often be easily fixed at little cost if dealt with early.

How does 1-800-Windshield differ from other services?

The process of 1-800-Windshield is very different from searching for a shop on your own. When the form on this website is filled out or 1-800-Windshield dialed, the customer is directed to a local business that is a part of our highly-selective network. The auto glass shop has been filtered through many of its competitors and rigorous national standards have been achieved. This means that the customer receives many of the following benefits:

  • A local businesses that is defined by the experience they give their customers. A reputation as a fair and talented shop will give them referrals and help them expand. This means that the customer is treated exceptionally.
  • A free written estimate is provided before any work is done on the vehicle. This helps establish a direct line of communication and trust between both the customer and the company responsible for the work.
  • Our affiliates know the region specific problems that commonly occur because they are residents of the areas that they work in. This means that the customer may have a common problem that local experts know how to specifically address in a timely fashion. 

We service Greenville city and surrounding areas in Greenville county including: 




Fountain Inn

Travelers Rest


Wade Hampton



Five Forks


Sans Souci




Golden Grove



City View


Ware Place

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