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Need A Trusted Auto Glass Repair Service In Provo? 

It can be difficult to find an excellent auto glass shop amidst all of the choices in Provo. How will you know the difference between a truly reliable service and a mediocre one? 1-800-Windshield exists to complete that search for you and connect you directly with a local, highly-qualifed windshield expert.

A damaged windshield can appear suddenly and needs to be repaired immediately. The windshield is a critical part of the safety system of every vehicle. When damaged, the glass is much less effective at defending the passengers from exterior elements. During the event of a crash or impact, the glass may not behave as expected and shatter. Consider the following things when trying to decide whether or not to pursue repairs:

  • 1-800-Windshield connects customers with repair shops that will provide an expert assessment and a free, no-obligation estimate before any work is done. Don't avoid the repair because of money, empower yourself with the knowledge of what needs to be done.
  • The windshield is the first line of defense during any impact situation. Keeping it repaired and fully functioning is critical to the safety of all passengers and other cars on the road.
  • Auto glass can often be repaired very quickly. Don't avoid this important task because of time concerns.

What makes auto glass so special?

The windshield is much more complex than most people expect. Two layers of glass sandwich a poly-vinyl  sheet to create a much stronger but still transparent structure. The end result is rigid glass that has a core of bendable material that prevents the glass from shattering and spraying out from the impacted area. This glass has saved many lives and will continue to provide safety for many more years to come. Some of the other benefits of safety glass are simple and critical features:

  • Safety glass dampens high frequency sounds, making the cabin of the vehicle a quieter and less distracting place. This allows a driver to focus more on driving safely.
  • Safety glass also absorbs up to 97% of all ultraviolet radiation. This means the cabin of the vehicle is a much more predictable temperature throughout the day no matter what the climate outside is.

What warning signs indicate that I need to repair or replace a windshield?

A windshield can begin to break from small impacts that are often unnoticed. Sometimes a window becomes damaged by little more than a pebble and high or low temperatures. When a windshield becomes damaged it needs to be taken to a professionally trained auto glass technician for analysis. The following damage types are specific cases to be aware of while using a car:

  • Scratched glass can indicate an area of weakened structure on the windshield. Though it may seem cosmetic in nature, it can be a distraction and eventually grow into a crack. Get scratched glass checked before it becomes a more expensive problem.
  • Chipped glass can sometimes indicate a minor impact on a windshield. The poly-vinyl layer may have been damaged and needs to be checked by a professional.
  • Cracked glass is the clearest indication that a more serious impact or severe weathering has occurred. Do not ignore this damage, it can be seriously dangerous in the case of a secondary impact in the same area.

What do we do to simplify finding a reliable repair expert?

If a customer fills out the form on this website or dials 1-800-Windshield, they will be directed to a local business that specializes in repairing and replacing windshields. The businesses that are part of our exclusive network have all passed rigorous standards and are proven to be excellent choices for auto glass repairs. These are some of the specific benefits of using local businesses affiliated with our national network:

  • 1-800-Windshield has national standards that it applies to local experts, granting the customer the best of both worlds.
  • Local businesses are experienced in specific geographical problems. Provo and Utah can experience some very specific weather patterns and issues that local experts will be better prepared for.
  • All referrals begin with a free estimate of work that needs to be done. This allows for trust to be built between the customer and the repair shop.
  • Insurance can be better handled with local shops that know state laws.

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