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The Answer To Fast, Reliable Windshield Repair In Fairfax, Virginia

There are a large number of reasons why a windshield can become damaged, but all of them lead to the inevitable process of seeking a repair or replacement.  One minute you could be commuting through the urban roadways of Fairfax, and the next you could be sidelined with a huge crack across your windshield from an item falling off the truck in front of you.  When any type of auto glass damage occurs, 1-800-Windshield helps with the process of finding a reliable, local repair shop.  In the diverse and thriving urban climate of Fairfax, time-efficiency is valuable.  No one wants to spend time sifting through the sea of auto glass repair services.  

We want to insure that you connect with a professional auto glass repair service that is both convenient and highly qualified. By filling out the form on this website or dialing 1-800-Windshield, you will be quickly connected to a Fairfax windshield expert who has met our stringent standards for service excellence.  We understand that auto glass repair is a highly technical industry and only the most qualified companies are even considered as candidates for our national network. Consider the following benefits of acting fast to repair any damage that is discovered:

Windshield damage endangers not just the driver but all passengers, other vehicles and even pedestrians. Getting damage fixed fast is the responsibility of all drivers.

  • Auto glass is the first defense in any impact situation, just as important as an airbag or seatbelt.
  • Windshield damage can often be fixed quickly if done by a trained professional. Don't put it off because of time.
  • Money can be saved by getting repairs done before weathering or minor impacts make the damaged area worsen.

Why is auto glass any different from other glass?

Auto glass is often referred to as safety glass. This is the same invention that created bullet proof windows in banks and strong visors in helmets. The invention is actually rather simple, but incredibly important in the proliferation of safe vehicles. Two layers of glass are fused to a clear layer of poly-vinyl. When the process is finished, the end product is a rigid structure that looks like a solid piece of glass. The difference comes when it is impacted, the glass does not break apart and shatter. The layer of poly-vinyl acts as a malleable sheet of plastic that is incredibly strong. The end result is that when safety glass is punished in an impact, it cracks and shatters, but does not explode away from the epicenter of the crash. This means the following benefits to a driver:

  • Safety glass stays as one sheet even in the event of severe impacts. This creates a layer that prevents the exterior elements from entering the passenger cabin and keeps passengers inside the vehicle.
  • Shards of loose glass are kept to a minimum.
  • There are other less obvious benefits to modern auto glass, such as:
  • Safety glass absorbs up to 97% of all ultraviolet radiation. This keeps the cabin at a much more predictable temperature throughout the day.
  • Safety glass is responsible for a significant dampening effect on high frequency sounds. The reduction of noise makes the driver less distracted.

How do I know when a windshield repair is needed?

There are many warning signs that a window needs to be checked by a professional. Some of them seem less severe than others, but all need to be investigated. When a windshield is damaged, a driver needs to keep safety as the primary concern at all times. Watch for these signals that a windshield is damaged:

  • A cracked window is the most obvious warning that a windshield is weakened. When a crack shows up, the glass is often significantly compromised. The mid layer of vinyl may be torn and a complete replacement may be necessary.
  • Scratched glass is a less obvious sign that the integrity of a piece of glass may be failing. Scratches indicate an impact or weathering area that may have been weakened recently. These can often be fixed with light repairs, but sometimes lead to bigger problems when ignored.
  • Chipped windows are just a single impact away from becoming a significant crack. These need to be looked at fast in order to prevent further weathering.

Why is 1-800-Windshield the best choice for finding auto glass repairs?

  • We utilize local companies that have expertise on common problems. This leads to fast work at excellent prices.
  • Small businesses can communicate directly with the customer. This builds trust and empowers the customer to make better decisions.
  • We guarantee professional damage assessment and a no-obligation quote on any work that needs to be done. 
  • We work with customer's insurance companies to make sure that the best price is reached.

What other areas does 1-800-Windshield serve near Fairfax?

Annandale, Baileys Crossroads, Belle Haven, Burke, Bush Hill Woods, Centreville, Chantilly, Clifton, Cooktown, Dranesville, Dunn Loring, Fair Oaks, Fairfax Station, Floris, Fort Hunt, Franconia, Great Falls, Greenbriar, Groveton, Groveton Heights, Hayfield, Herndon, Herndon Heights, Huntington, Hybla Valley, Idylwood, Jermantown, Kings Park, Lake Barcroft, Laurel Hill, Lincolnia, Lorton, Mantua, McLean, Merrifield, Mount Vernon, Newington, North Springfield, Oakton, Pimmit Hills, Ravensworth, Reston, Rose Hill, Steven Corners, Springfield, Tysons Corner, Vienna, West Springsfield, Wolf Trap, Woodburn, Woodlawn

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