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Is Your Windshield Broken In Waukesha, Wisconsin?

Waukesha is home to numerous hazards for windshields. Windshield damage can lead to serious negative consequences, such as injury and major vehicle damage.  If you want quality auto glass repair and replacement service in Waukesha, then 1-800-Windshield is exactly what you need.You could be driving down I-94 when the door of the delivery truck in front of you accidentally openis it doors and sends gallons of milk into your windshield. You could be headed to ice fish in the Lake Country when a deer crosses your path and causes a collision that shatters your auto glass. You could even be parked in your driveway when the snow on an oak tree finally proves too much for an old branch and takes a big chip out of your auto glass. 

Do I need to repair auto glass damage?

Most people do not realize the important of windshields, but they provide a number of very important functions, including:

  • Vehicle Occupant Protection. The primary purpose of a windshield is to block airborne objects from striking vehicle occupants.  This is especially important as modern vehicles travel at such high speeds that even tiny objects can be extremely dangerous.  A small pebble hitting a human body at 70 miles per hour can cause bruising and lacerations regardless of where it strikes. 
  • Vehicle Interior Protection. Windshields help to seal the interior of a vehicle off from the outside world.  This is important because many interior components are made of materials which are very sensitive to elements such as water, freezing temperatures, and wildlife.  While no one wants to be snowed on while they drive, the water from that melting snow could short out a stereo system or feed the formation of mildew on seating fabric.  
  • Accident Prevention. If windshields only had to protect, they would likely be made of metal or plastic.  However, those more durable materials are also impossible to see out of.  Windshields allow us to safely drive by providing a clear view of the world.  Auto glass damage destroys this clarity and impedes the driver’s view of the road.  Drivers who can no longer clearly see where they are going are much more likely to be involved in an accident of some type, whether they are at fault or not.

Do I need to replace a broken windshield, or can I repair it?

That depends on the severity of the damage.  Adhesive chemicals can save some windshields from replacement by halting the spread of the damage and minimizing the impact on windshield function.  However, some damage either cannot be repaired at all or would leave the driver with an unacceptably low level of safety.  Due to the large number of factors involved, we will not be able to tell you whether your windshield is salvageable without first examining it.  However, there are some features which can give you a good idea.

Features of repairable damage include:

  • Limited in size
  • Does not extend straight through the glass, as is the case with chips and scratches
  • Located outside of the driver’s direct line-of-sight
  • Limited to one or  a few locations on the windshield

Features of damage which necessitates a windshield replacement include:

  • Covers a substantial area of the windshield
  • Goes all the way through the glass, as is the case with cracks
  • Includes missing pieces of glass
  • Would reduce visibility even after repair
  • Found in multiple locations across the windshield
  • Permanently impairs the integrity of the glass

Who can repair or replace my windshield in waukesha, wisconsin?

1-800-Windshield will be able to meet all of your auto glass needs.  We are a national network of independently operated auto glass repair providers with members across the country, including in Waukesha.  We are dedicated to providing our customers with exactly what they want and need.  When you choose 1-800-Windshield, you will be getting the quality service that has complied with our stringent national standards with the conveniece of a friendly, local business. Our members are experts in the field of windshield repair and will service your vehicles with the skill that only comes from experience. 

How do I get the process started? 

Simplicity is the best policy, which is why we make it as easy for our customers to contact us as possible.  All that you need to do to reach us is pick up your phone and dial 1-800-Windshield.  When you call, we will take your information and make an appointment for you to have your damage assessed. If you prefer to contact us electronically, simply complete the form on this page and forward it to us.  We will quickly reply with additional details after reviewing the information you provide.

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